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Save Mount Manresa – Updates and upcoming events

As you know Judge Minardo ruled in favor of the Savo Brothers, Borough President Oddo will soon be issuing numbers, despite the fact that the investigation into the illegal activities at this site has not yet been completed. We ask that you please send letters to editor@siadvance.com (200 words or less and include your name and address) . The Santoros (the Savo’s certified asbestos inspector) are due in criminal court at end of January!!!

The impact of the Savo Brothers plan for the Mount Manresa site has not been addressed, from the flooding that is already happening, to the traffic and the lack of school seats in this area.

The Zoning Application which Community Board 1 Sponsored for Rosebank, Fort Wadsworth and Clifton was submitted to Land use over 2 weeks ago. We are STILL waiting for City Planning’s Len Garcia Duran to schedule the required meetings. We have also asked for a meeting with the Borough President, and Councilwoman Rose and Councilman Matteo and CB1 to make sure they understand the plan and can properly advocate its adoption and put pressure on City Hall. Please be sure to write to them and explain how important this contextual rezoning is to you as their constituents. joddo@statenislandusa.com, DROSE@Council.nyc.gov, SMatteo@CityCouncil.nyc.gov, LGARCIA@planning.nyc.gov,

We are also concerned about the impact of the rezoning of the Bay Street Corridor in Stapleton. See details below to a historical presentation by Barnett Shepherd on Nov 22.

All the efforts of the Committee to Save Mount Manresa cost money for legal and expert fees. Below is a press release for our Kickstarter. We are looking to make a beautiful photo book on Mount Manresa and our fight to save it. We have 50 days to raise $10K. We ask that you please consider donating. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1902827581/mount-manresa-the-story?ref=card

Over 20 Community Boards have voted against deBlaiso’s Affordable Housing Zoning Plan.  According to the DNAinfo article, the 3 Community Boards on Staten Island have delayed their vote at the request of Borough President Oddo. We hope our board will vote against this plan as well. Its is our understanding that boards are expected to vote by Nov 30, however, we have been unable to confirm deadline.




Sunday, November 22, 2015, 2:00 P.M.
The Preservation League of Staten Island presents The Bay Street Corridor, An Illustrated History. Barnett Shepherd, PLSI Executive Director, will present a PowerPoint lecture on the history of the Bay Street Corridor and nearby areas. Chez Vous Catering, 691 Bay Street, Stapleton Free admission

Friday, Dec 4 at 7:30 at the Crystal Room
South Beach Civic Annual Holiday Party. Tickets cost $40 each. See details at http://southbeachcivic.org/christmas-holiday-party-friday-december-4-at-730/
Media Alert: Committee launches Kickstarter for Mount Manresa Photo Book

Staten Island – While the Savo Brothers destroy an historical and environmental treasure at Mount Manresa, the Save Mount Manresa Committee is determined preserve Mount Manresa for posterity. This week they launched a $10,000 kickstarter to raise funds to publish a photo book. They have 50 days left to meet their goal.

“This book will be a beautiful collection of hundreds of photos and stories of Mount Manresa. It will cover the amazing grassroots efforts of the Committee to Save Mount Manresa and the power of Mount Manresa to continue to inspire the passions of “ordinary” citizens.” says book co-creator Loretta Drogon.

“The publication will not only include original photos of Mount Manresa’s historical Sacred Heart Grotto, 1860s Era Water Tower, Sheally Hall, Founder’s Hall, and Mount Manresa’s old growth trees, but we will also plan to highlight stories of people who loved Mount Manresa, and the many works of Committee to Save Mount Manresa, and their efforts to save as a public park–From weekly rallies to efforts to landmark and rezone, letter writing campaigns to Pope Francis and Mayor Bloomberg, deBlasio and more!

Funds raised for the Kickstarter will offset publishing costs. The book will ultimately be used as a fundraising tool to help pay legal and expert fees.

“We have responsibilities to pay our debts, which continue to accumulate, with our efforts to contextually rezone Rosebank, Clifton and Fort Wadsworth, and our recent legal actions to support Borough President Oddo’s withholding house numbers, preventing the Savo Brothers from moving forward with development until an investigation into their role in the illegal activities concerning Mount Manresa is completed.” says Committee Secretary Barbara Sanchez

“Many people think our fight is over at Mount Manresa. This is not true. We have exposed issues at Mount Manresa and Island-wide concerning zoning, lack of school seats, traffic and the corruption of both the building department and the Department of Environmental Protection. Our work will continue for years to come.”

“This book is important not only to document the history of Mount Manresa, which the Jesuits and the Savo Brothers would love for everyone to forget, but we also want to help inspire others to stand up for their rights against all odds. ” says Sanchez .
Those who donate to the kickstarter will be eligible to receive exclusive gifts (Tree’s Poem Post Card, Mount Manresa photo mug, or an original 8×10 photograph of the donor’s choice from Mount Manresa).

To donate to the Kickstarter, please view this link.

CONTACT: Barbara Sanchez, Committee Secretary;
PHONE: 917-428-8117; EMAIL: bsanche@yahoo.com
Website: Savemanresa.org

The amazing story in photos and writing of historic Mount Manresa and the community battle of to save it.

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