Rezoning for Rosebank and Neighboring Communities to be presented

MEDIA ALERT:  Rezoning for Rosebank and Neighboring Communities to be presented at Community Board 1 Meeting

On Tuesday June 9  at 8pm community residents will participate in the Community Board 1 (CB1) meeting and will stress to the full board importance of committing to the application for the contextual rezoning of Rosebank, Fort Wadsworth, Clifton and Shore Acres in Staten Island.

“The proposed contextual rezoning plan is a remedy to the status quo: covering over 84 blocks and affecting over 1,000 properties, it protects, in great detail, neighborhoods which retain a high degree of integrity in terms of a particular development pattern; removes commercial overlays where there is no commercial activity; proposes to protect remaining large open spaces; and directs higher-density development into areas with greater access to public transportation.” said land use expert  Paul Graziano.

“This plan creates what the Department of City Planning states as “predictable outcomes” for new development, creating opportunities for directed growth in certain areas while limiting out-of-context development elsewhere. It replaces R3-2, R4 and R5 zoning with single-family detached zoning (R1 or R2) or one and two-family detached, semi-detached or attached contextual zones (R3X, R3A, R3-1, R4A, R4-1 and R4B) when applicable. It is a strategy that has been followed by City Planning throughout New York City for decades.”

Mr. Graziano has had similar contextual plans adopted in New York City.  

Community Board 1 and Councilwoman Rose and the Rosebank Tennants Association and the Committee to Save Mount Manresa had previously submitted a contextual rezoning plan prepared by Land Use expert Paul Graziano for Fort Wadsworth, Rosebank, Clifton and Shore Acres to City Planning.  However, an application has not yet been filed.  

On Monday, Jun 2, residents packed the CB1 Land Use Meeting at 1 Edgwater Plaza to hear land use expert, Paul Graziano, explain his contextual rezoning plan.  Residents will now appeal to the full board to submit and support the application as they committed to previously. 

Mr. Graziano will also be present at the CB1 Meeting on Jun 9 to answer any questions. 

“We have to start thinking ahead.  The antiquated R3-2 as of right zoning should be eliminated. We must fight to make real changes to our zoning here, and Staten Island wide before it is too late.  And all Staten Island should be worried that other large properties, most owned by the Catholic Church are vulnerable to builders.”  Save Manresa Committee President Jack Bolembach

“Furthermore, the North Shore should have the same restrictions in place as what they have on the South Shore which prevents development without having school seats.” says Bolembach.  

“You just need to drive in Staten Island to see the “planning” of City Planning.  Our infrastructure from sanitation, sewer, emergency services, school seating  and traffic are completely overwhelmed.  That we have to fight to stop further damage to the character and quality of life of our community is unbelievable. ” said Committee Secretary Barbara Sanchez

This plan for Rosebank, Shore Acres, Clifton and Ft. Wadsworth should be submitted as an application immediately and other communities in Community Board 1 should also take a good look at their zoning ” said Barbara Sanchez

” I strongly urge all residents to attend the Community Board Meeting next Tuesday at 8pm at All Saints Church at 2329 Victory Blvd.  If we don’t stand up for ourselves now, nobody else will. ”

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Contact: Barbara Sanchez


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