Does this look Respectable or Sensible to you?

When the sale of Mount Manresa was announced in 2013, Michael Savo said “We are very sensitive to the beauty of the site and the structures at the location. Our goal is to ensure the property is handled in the most respectful, sensitive and sensible way.”

Does this look respectful or sensible to you? They cut EVERY SINGLE TREE and decimated all the buildings, the grotto and historic water tower.  Its a disgrace. 











It is clear that the Savo’s words are WORTHLESS. Furthermore, they cannot be trusted to follow the regulations in effect for the saftey of surrounding residents.  They have proven with their ruthless actions that they will stop at NOTHING to make a profit. The Savos exposed our community to asbestos after the Santoros, the Certified Asbestos Inspectors they hired, submited falseified documents to expedite their permits.  Based on their past behavior at this site and others, it can be expected that they will continue to cut corners if they under constant supervision.  They have polluted Lemon Creek with raw sewage at another property they own.  THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

Borough President Oddo has taken a strong stance, and is currently holding up the issuing of house numbers for the Mount Manresa site.  
“There has been a stench surrounding every aspect of this project from the beginning, and the smell keeps getting worse. I have refused to issue and will not issue house numbers until the conclusion of this criminal case and any other investigations that may or may not be taking place,” Oddo said on June 25, 2015 in SI Advance    also view NY1 Story  We hope other electeds will come stand with him against these disreputable builders.

Please continue to support us!!!  The Committee to Save Mount Manresa will continue to fight for better quality of life.  We encourage all Staten Island residents to get involved. We refuse to let things just “happen”. Unbearable traffic, sewers flooding, overcrowded schools, and lack of hospitals and emergency services are all the results of our silence.  Count on us to be at every Community Board Meeting and anywhere we need to go to create change.

Our fight against overdevelopment is Staten Island’s fight.  Let’s keep the pressure on for change! Sign our petition and continue to write to our electeds and the!  We can fight for a better Staten Island with your moral and financial support. We NEED YOU!!!

Rest in Peace to our Friend  Mike May.  This month we lost another Save Mount Manresa Angel, Mike May. We could always count on Mike to help us make a statement at our rally’s, parades and events. He was there for us, and many other causes on Staten Island (and worldwide).  Mike fought hard against cancer…and will be missed.  On Saturday August 15 at 4pm there will be a Memorial Gathering at the Unitarian Church of Staten Island at 312 Fillmore Street @ Clinton Ave. Please attend if you can.


SUNDAY AUG 16 Join the Committee to Save Mount Manresa  at DiSara’s Resturant from 2-5 for a Italian Luau Party.  We will be honoring our Land Use Expert Paul Graziano in his work to help us rezone Rosebank, Fort Wadsworth, and Clifton. Its going to be a fun event.  Come and please bring a friend.  See site for details and to RSVP.

Thank you for your support.

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