Mayor de Blasio, you CAN do more at Mount Manresa

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Mayor deBlaiso’s office updated us on his conversation with the Savo Brothers right before the parade on July 4th.  The Savo’s are unwilling to sell, and the follow up from his office was “So there is nothing the Mayor can do, if the owner is unwilling to sell.” 

Of course there is more that can be done by Mayor deBlaiso!   

If the political will is there, eminent domain can be used to purchase the property.  This starts with a letter.  I am asking each of you to please send a letter to Mayor deBlasio, Commissioner Carrion and cc: Borough President Oddo, Councilwoman Rose, Senator Savino, Assemblywoman Malliotakis, etc (see email addresses below)  

And also, please sign this petition 

Thank you for your support!
The Committee to Save Mount Manresa 

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Sent: Wednesday, July 6, 2016 12:56 PM
Subject: Mayor de Blaiso – Mount Manresa Follow up

Dear Mayor de Blasio, 

On July 4, I received a call from Amoy Barnes, who represents your office on Staten Island to follow up on your town hall promise in April to reach out to the Savo Brothers about Mount Manresa.  I was informed that the Savo’s are not interested in selling this property. While I appreciated the update (coincidentally on the same day you were coming to Staten Island for the Parade), the follow up message was disturbing, “So there is nothing the Mayor can do, if the owner is unwilling to sell.”   

Mayor de Blasio, there is more you can do YOU for the public good utilizing the City’s power to acquire private property for public use following the payment of just compensation to the owner of that property, also known as Eminent Domain. This purchase of private property does not require the seller’s interest.

The City can make the purchase for public use.  In fact, Mount Manresa in its current state is unique situation.  No one will be displaced if the City purchases the 15.4 acres at fair market price of $15 Million (which Savos established in court as the fair market price) and/or  be made into a park or much needed school.    

The City has the power to do this for the public good, just as Robert Moses did, and how Bloomberg did with Chapin Woods and Fort Hill Park in Staten Island.  It can be done and should be done for the public interest.   

The overdevelopment the Savos plan at Mount Manresa site with 250 homes will jam the entrance of Staten Island with traffic.  Our infrustructure in this already overdeveloped area from sewers to schools can’t handle.  Flooding, lack of school seats, and danger to the community by crowding another community in an overdeveloped area must be considered in your decision to act now, before it is too late.  The Growth Management task force missed the opportunity to protect the public with correct zoning and residents of Staten Island will pay for this incredible oversight  unless this drastic action is taken.

I urge our Borough President Oddo and City Councilwoman Debi Rose to continue to impress upon you the negative impact of the development this size on this site and for you to consider the power you have to change this for the future of Staten Island.  
Barbara Sanchez
Secretary of the Committee to Save Mount Manresa

Contact Your Elected Officials!

Let Mayor de Blasio and our electeds know that you want to save Mount Manresa as much needed park or school for the community.  Our mayor has the power to change the fate of this site. 

The overdevelopment the Savos plan at Mount Manresa site will jam Staten Island with traffic.  Our infrustructure can’t handle what the Savos have planned for Mount Manresa.  Mayor de Blasio can prevent this with eminent domain.  Mount Manresa can be bought at fair market price of $15 Million and he can be a hero for Staten Island.  

Mayor Bill de Blasio City Hall  NY, NY 10007 | (212) 788-2958 |

Community Affairs Marco Carrion | (212) 788-2958
Borough President Oddo |718.816.2000
Council Member Rose (Mount Manresa’s District) | 718-556-7370 |
State Senator Senator Savino (718) 727-9406 
Assemblywoman Malliotakis 718-987-0197
State Senator Lanza (718) 984-4073 
Assemblyman Cusick 718-370-1384
Assemblyman Borelli 718-967-5194
Council Member Matteo 718-980-1017 
Council Minority Borelli 718-984-5151
Office of The N.Y.C. Public Advocate, Letitia James 
Representative: Timothy Tapia at
Staten Island Advance |718-981-1234 |


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