How YOU can Help

We need all the help you can give!  If you want to help Mount Manresa, here’s what you can do:

1)Sign our Petition and share with friends. The more signatures we get, the more attention we can get for our cause. We already have thousands of signatures

2) Write your Politicians.  ALL OF THEM. We have a sample letter AND list  to help you get started

3) Attend our Rallies!
Bring your neighbors and friends. Show your support, get signs for your windows, and help us gain more attention for the cause.

3) We need Volunteers!  Can you help us hand out flyers at the Staten Island Ferry?  We’ll give you the permit and handouts.  If you are interested in helping, just contact us via our website.

4) Will you post the Save Mount Manresa lawn signs on your private property?  We have a sign for you,  just contact us via our website. 

5) Share your skills with us! We need experts in law, environment, financing, filming, public relations, taking to politicians, reaching out to celebrities, making signs and tshirts, going door to door spreading the word. Tell us what you can do…and we will be in touch!

6) DONATE!  We need money for legal fees!  Visit our How to donate page and donate whatever you can.  We appreciate your support.