The Committee to Save Mount Manresa Is STILL Fighting for Staten Island!

The Committee to Save Mount Manresa Is STILL Fighting for Staten Island!

  • We need Island-wide Rezoning to STOP Overdevelopment
  • Save and protect our open spaces
  • Stop dangerous corruption and influence of our city agencies

The sacred ground of Mount Manresa with its beautiful historic buildings and old-growth trees was destroyed by the Savo Brothers’s greed, but our elected officials can end this drama using the power of eminent domain (buying property at fair market price) to purchase Mount Manresa for much needed schools and open space.

The Committee to Save Mount Manresa’s continues to fight for change! We will continue to watch the Mount Manresa site, and voice concerns of flooding, the overburdened sewer system, the lack of school seats, as well as traffic and quality of life issues affecting all Staten Islanders.


The Savo Brothers massacred over 100 beautiful old growth trees at Mount Manresa (on Fingerboard Road), endangering wildlife, and
subjected surrounding homes to flooding.  Then the Savos exposed
thousands of Staten Islanders to deadly asbestos dust when they demolished Mount Manresa’s historic buildings.

The street names Borough President Oddo gave the Savo Brothers are fitting for greedy builders who plan to cram 250 townhouses into a once bucolic Mount Manresa site!  It would be better if they are never built! Imagine the TRAFFIC! Where are the kids going to go to school?


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