Save Mount Manresa to March in 2016 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Staten Island

On March 6 The Committee to Save Mount Manresa will be marching down Forest Avenue in the Staten Island St. Patrick’s day Parade.

The Committee has been fighting  for over 3 years to save a Staten Island historical site, Mount Manresa, and and stop reckless overdevelopment on Staten Island. This year, their  goal is to reinforce the fact that they are still fighting for change on Staten Island.

The Committee to Save Mount Mount Manresa has uncovered many issues that affect all Staten Islanders and is determined to fight against corruption in NYC city agencies, and  push for rezoning to prevent rampant overdevelopement, preserve our open spaces, fight for school seats and protecting the health and safety of all Staten Islanders.
“With all the overdevelopment planned for the North Shore, including what the Savos have planned at Mount Manresa site as well as all is coming on the North Shore there are serious issues with lack of School Seats. ” said committee Secretary, Barbara Sanchez.
South Shore has plenty of schools, because there is legislation in effect that says that you can’t build housing without school seats. There is no such legislation for Mid Island or North Shore. So today we have schools at overcapacity at the North Shore, and the developers are able to keep things moving without a care in the world. This a serious issue that needs to be addressed so that the community and the quality of their child’s education does not suffer.

For more information contact Committee Secretary Barbara Sanchez 917-428-8117
Contact: Barbara Sanchez, Committee to Save Mount Manresa Secretary


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