Write to Pope Francis!

In a letter to the SI Advance and to Jim Oddo, Father Hallinan SJ says “Put up or Shut Up.”  In an interview in August, Father Quinnan told the SI Advance that  “Providing green space was not our mission. In some ways, weren’t the neighbors taking advantage of an institution that was holding that green space without contributing to it?”  We need to let Pope Francis know what is going on here.

10-31-2013 1-57-21 AM

We urge you to write Pope Francis and explain the callousness towards the community (MANY who supported Mount Manresa financially), and the irreparable damage this sale to builders will have on the hearts and minds of people as well as on our environment.  (The Pope’s address below.)  Mount Manresa, its history and our environment is being carelessly discarded to builders  and goes against what we are seeing Pope Francis say in the news.

His Holiness, Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City


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