UPCOMING EVENT: Saturday May 3 – March to Take Back Staten Island

March to Take Back Staten Island
Saturday May 3 at 11am.
Start: Von Briesen Park (Bay St. Bet. School Rd., North Rd., Staten Island)


The massacre of Mount Manresa trees last week shows the ruthlessness of the Savo Brothers to destroy at any cost – Including the public health and and quality of life of all Staten Islanders. This march is a call to all Staten Islanders to stand up and say “NO” to overdevelopment, here at Mount Manresa and ALL OVER STATEN ISLAND.

We must protect ourselves from the risk for flooding. We must stop the impact on our Island that is causing the unbearable traffic, over capacity in our schools and hospitals, the overburdened sewer systems,and emergency services. We must continue to push our electeds to protect us all. Please come and march with us on our first march from Von Briesen Park to Mount Manresa.

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