Save Our Neighborhood – Car Rally


Dear Neighbors,

When single family homes are replaced with crammed rows of townhouses, or a beautiful 15-acre park like Mount Manresa is destroyed, everyone asks WHY IS THIS ALLOWED TO HAPPEN?

The answer is simple: The ZONING is wrong…it has always been wrong.

Community Board 1 unanimously voted to correct the zoning of Rosebank, Fort Wadsworth, Shore Acres and Clifton to protect the character of our neighborhoods, our quality of life, and our property values.

But City Planning refused to adopt the rezoning plan—even though this is what the community demands.

If our neighborhood is not rezoned, you can expect:
More traffic congestion
Overcrowded schools
Even fewer parking spaces
Sewer back-ups and basements flooding
Increased litter and garbage
Blocked views and more noise

We don’t want to see our beautiful neighborhood destroyed by builders who only care about cramming in as many homes as possible to turn the biggest profit.

Join our Car Rally and demand Mayor de Blasio and City Planning fix our zoning.

Your friends and neighbors,
The Committee to Save Mount Manresa


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