Save Mount Manresa Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser – 12/15/2013


The Save Mount Manresa Committee had a successful and fun Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser at Labetti Post on Sunday December 15 at 1pm.  The event featured live entertainment by Frank James and the band Bill Turner & Blue Smoke.

As part of the program the Committee to Save Mount Manresa showed a video celebrating the strong connections made over the last six months within the group and Staten Island through their work in Saving Mount Manresa.
“We continue to grow stronger as a group and that just shows how important Mount Manresa is to Staten Island”  says Secretary Barbara Sanchez  “People have been coming out to our rallies in all weather.  We have 29 successful Saturday rallies to prove it.  Mount Manresa is that special.”

The next fundraiser for the Save Mount Manresa will be on December 19 at Liedy’s Old Shore Inn at 8:30pm.

The Committee will also be giving out Hot Chocolate on December 20 at 5pm on Fingerboard Road front of Mount Manresa, in an effort to continue to raise awareness within the community about Mount Manresa.

“Its amazing how many people don’t know Mount Manresa is a risk, or what losing it really means” says Committee Member Carol Labita.  “As soon as they hear that it is going to be destroyed for more housing, they get it.  We just have to work harder to get the word out.  We can’t let Mount Manresa be destroyed.  We can’t give up.”

Funds raised will be used for legal, expert and printing fees related to the efforts to Save Mount Manresa.  For more information visit

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