Save Mount Manresa in 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Staten Island


Strong Statement with Committee to Save Mount Manresa Float St. Patrick’s Parade in Staten Island. 

On March 1 The Committee to Save Mount Manresa make a big appearance in riding on a 24 foot float down Forest Avenue in the Staten Island St. Patrick’s day Parade.
The Committee has been fighting  for two years to save a Staten Island historical site, Mount Manresa, and and stop reckless overdevelopment on Staten Island.  This was  the second year the group has participated in Staten Island parade.  This year, their  goal is to reinforce the fact that they are still fighting for change on Staten Island.  They made this statement with their St. Patrick’s Day float filled with committee members.

The Committee to Save Mount Mount Manresa has uncovered many issues that affect all Staten Islanders and is determined to fight against corruption in NYC city agencies, and  push for rezoning to prevent rampant overdevelopement, preserve our open spaces, and protecting the health and safety of all Staten Islanders.

Despite the current demolition permits that have been issued to the Savo Brothers, and recent destruction of the history Shealy Hall and the Sacred Heart Chapel, built in the 1920s, The Committee to Save Mount Manresa continues to call for a Full Stop Work Order and investigation of the Save Mount Manresa site, especially in light of the recent arrest of Wilson Garcia, a Department of Buildings Inspector, who had signed off on complaints at the Mount Manresa site.   

“Our community has already been exposed to deadly asbestos, and by filing the false asbestos inspections to receive the initial permits, the Savo Brothers compromised the health and quality of life of residents.” said President Jack Bolembach, President of the Committee to Save Mount Manresa.
Now we learn that Wilson Garcia an inspector from Brooklyn (who was recently arrested for corruption) signed off on complaints when work was being done at Mount Manresa in violation of a full stop work order.  Something is wrong here and the Department of Investigation needs to do a thorough investigation and all work at that site should be stopped immediately” said Bolembach,
“We call on our elected officials to help us stop this madness and prevent further damage and destruction to our community.  There should be an Full Stop Work order and investigation of the Savo Brothers, and the permits at the site.  We also want the self certification rights of Calvanico, the architect at Mount Manresa, to be revoked at this site and the plans and permits to go through a full review by the Department of Buildings.” says Bolembach

The Committee continues to call for air quality monitoring throughout the neighborhood during the demo as there is likely still asbestos in the foundation, which can become airborne as it is pulverized during demolition.

“There is no such thing as a little asbestos.  Damage from deadly Asbestos takes years to manifest as cancer.  We are depending on the Department of Environmental Protection to do their job and protect the public health as has been required at other construction sites. To date, they have refused to do so.”  said Committee Secretary Barbara Sanchez
Looking forward The Committee is focusing on change in Staten Island and is calling for urgent rezoning and to preserve open spaces and historic places including churches on Staten Island.


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