NBC Coverage of the Mount Manresa Tree Massacre

Watch the horror of citizens of Staten Island NY as one by one Mount Manresa’s Old Growth Trees (dating up to 400 years old) are massacred by workers hired by Savo Brothers. After a judge lifted a temporary restraining order protecting the property from destruction, the Savo Brothers spent the next 3 days massacring hundreds of old growth trees. Workers added insult to injury by celebrating the fellings and taunting the residents as they mourn the loss of such precious environmental treasures.

Mount Manresa, located at 239 Fingerboard Road in Staten Island, NY, was the home of the 1st Laymen’s Retreat House in America. For the past 100 years, it was considered a safe haven and place of healing for many on Staten Island. The 15 acre grounds had played a special role in the recovery after the 9/11 Tragedy in 2001 and after Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

Despite the strong protest of the community, and legal opposition to the sale, the property was sold by the Jesuits in Feb 2014 to Savo Brothers Builders. The new owners intend cram over 250 homes in the 15 acre property.

The Committee to Save Mount Manresa continues to fight against the impact of a high density housing development on an already overdeveloped and stressed area of Staten Island (located near the entrance of the Veranzanno Bridge and high traffic Staten Island Expressway). Concerns for health and quality of life for all Staten Islanders are at the heart of the protest to preserve Mount Manresa a public park and community center.

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