Media Alert: Committee to Save Mount Manresa replants Old Growth Trees in Chapin Woods

Committee to Save Mount Manresa replants Old Growth Trees in Chapin Woods  
(Staten Island – Nov 8, 2014) “He who plants a tree, plants hope.”  That was the theme of day for several members of the Committee to Save Mount Manresa planting six saplings rescued from Mount Manresa and replanted  in Chapin Woods on Saturday.
“The trees at Mount Manresa were beautiful very rare old growth giants that lived undisturbed for hundreds of years, acting as a natural air purifier for the community situated around the Staten island Expressway. The Savo Brothers ruthlessly cut down these massive giants back in April, it was a true environmental massacre.” says committee president Jack Bolembach “Today is a day of hope.”
“I feel a sense of relief that these old growth saplings we rescued from Mount Manresa now have a home.”
Committee members were invited by Steven LoBaido, who saved Chapin Woods from builders and currently stewards the city park, which has been part of the GreenBelt since 2004.  
“I understand what you went through with Mount Manresa and I feel for you,” said LoBaido.  “Today this planting is a symbol of continuity and life that is a  very good outcome after this horrific tragedy. I can promise you that the trees we planted today will be here, and will thrive past our lifetimes. For the enjoyment of future generations.
Caretaker, Steven LoBaido guided the group of several committee members through Chapin Woods, and shared the incredible story of his ongoing fight to protect Chapin Woods from builders  encroaching on the park’s property and his efforts to prevent erosion and damage to what he fought so hard to save.
“This was a special day for our committee and a day for healing of our group, we have been tirelessly fighting overdevelopment for 19 months. We observed the destruction and massacre of the ancient trees,  saw the community residents exposed to deadly asbestos fibers by the criminal act committed by the Savo Brothers in September and devote enough spare time to help educate the public to what is happening at Mount Manresa and the danger of losing the few remaining unprotected natural areas left on Staten island. From overdevelopment” said Bolembach.
“We are very grateful for this wonderful opportunity to meet with Steven to continue the legacy of the once majestic native old growth trees from Mount Manresa by planting these very young offspring at Chapin Woods.”  
The group celebrated the replanting with a champagne toast.
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