Landmarks Commission owes EVERYONE an explanation!

Imagine our shock to learn that after receiving confirmation from the State that Mount Manresa was eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, the City Landmarking Commission refused our application for Landmark Consideration!

They said that NONE of the structures were worthy of landmark status or had any historical significance.  They stated that it doesn’t meet the criteria for designation!

We received the same form letter as Senator Savino, Councilman James Oddo and Councilwoman Debi Rose.  That’s unbelievable.

We do not accept this. If you want to see how City Landmarks have let us (Staten Island) down in the past, check out the Dorothy Day Settlement House fiasco in early 2000.   We will not let that happen to Mount Manresa.

Here’s all the documents for your reference:
1) Our Original Application to City and State – 061013_Application_Landmark
2) Rejection from the City 062713_LPC_to_MM
3) State Says we are Eligible for National Registry  Manresa DOE_071213
4) Our Request for Reconsideration and then response after second rejection.  Landmarks_Followup_7_26_13
5) Landmark Rejection of our Second Request – Landmark_response_7_23
6) Senator Savino, Councilman James Oddo and Councilwoman Debi Rose Request for Landmark James_Oddo_request_7-8-13
7) Rejection Letter to the Senator and City Council Members 072413_LPC_to_Oddo_Rose_Savino




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