Important Community Updates

Hi All,
Just a quick update that there are some very important issues that are brewing in our community, that you should be aware of.

We urge you to attend the next Community Board 1 Meeting on Wed Feb 15 at 7:30 PM  All Saints Episcopal Church at 2329 Victory Boulevard.


Issue 1 – Proposed development in Rosebank will flood community with 1,000 new residents. 
V Capital management  is seeking a zone change from the City Planning Department.  They are petitioning for an extension of the Stapleton Waterfront District to allow 385 “mixed-income” rental units in three high-rise buildings of up to 13 stories high at 125 Edgewater St.

City Planning and other city agencies and our Mayor Deblasio are ignoring the issues with our infrastructure – School seats, Water and Sewage, lack of hospitals etc and transportation issues. They are pushing through rezonings with NO COMMUNITY BENEFIT.  Extension of the Stapleton Waterfront as currently proposed will cause a detrimental impact to the Rosebank area under these current conditions, and open the floodgate to new development in this area and should not be approved at this time.

Issue 2- #P2014R0310 – CB1 Application – Rosebank / Fort Wadsworth / Clifton Rezoning has been stalled by City Planning
The community has hired a land use expert Paul Graziano, and has got community support for a CONTEXTUAL REZONING to mitigate zoning issues that were uncovered by Mount Manresa.  This rezoning application (#P2014R0310 – CB1 Application – Rosebank / Fort Wadsworth / Clifton Rezoning) has been summarily rejected by Staten Island city planning, Len Garcia Duran.  At the technical review meeting in NYC with City Planning officials, the plan was reviewed and we were told they would work with our land use expert.  No meeting has been scheduled, despite multiple requests.  This is unacceptable and should be challenged.

Issue 3- St Mary’s Church in Rosebank – At Risk!!!
St. Mary’s could face demolition if the Archdiocese of New York decides to sell the property on which it is located.St. Mary’s R.C. Church stands as an architectural focal point in Rosebank,with its prominent tower visible for miles around. Countless thousands of Staten Islanders share personal memories there, from family baptisms  and weddings to funerals. The Archdiocese of New York closed the church in 2015.  We feel that the church should be landmarked to prevent its hasty destruction as was done to Mount Manresa.   Please sign this petition




Wednesday Feb 15 
Community Board 1 Meeting on Wed Feb 15 at 7:30 PM  All Saints Episcopal Church at 2329 Victory Boulevard.

Tuesday Feb 21
Rosebank Area Meeting on Tues Feb 21 at 7:30 PM at Mount Carmel Shrine (36 Amity Street)

Sunday March 5
St. Patrick’s Parade on Staten Island Forest Avenue 12:30pm. Friends of Mount Manresa will have a float. Please contact us if you would like to ride on our float.

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