If you don’t help…Who will?

We are counting on YOU to stand up for Mount Manresa!
Mount Manresa MUST be established as a public park and set aside as open space for future generations.  We must push to preserve places of historic interest and remarkable natural beauty, and protect environmentally sensitive areas.  Mount Manresa must be saved.  If you don’t help..Who will?     

It’s NOT a done deal.  Mount Manresa can still be saved.  
Its not over yet! That’s why we’ve been out on Narrows Road North EVERY SATURDAY for the past 35+weeks.  Even in this extreme cold weather. We must keep the pressure on and let every know we are still fighting for Mount Manresa.  All of Staten Island must speak up against the destruction of this environmental gem.

KEEP WRITING!  Don’t Stop!  Every letter counts
Your 200 words or less, include your Name, Address and Phone.   Tell them you want to see Mount Manresa saved as a public park.

Staten Island Advance  editor@siadvance.com

Councilwoman Debi Rose DROSE@Council.nyc.gov
130 Stuyvesant Place 6th Floor, Room 602 Staten Island, New York 10301

Borough President Jim Oddo
 10 Richmond Terrace, Room 120 Borough Hall, Staten Island, NY 10301


We need help getting the word out about Our efforts to Mount Manresa with Twitter. If you don’t know how to tweet, its easy. Start by tweeting ME! I’ll help you.

1) Create Account
2) Click on the blue icon on the right hand of page. (Compose new Tweet)
3) Type “@bsanche I am ready to tweet and help Save Mount Manresa.”

You’ll be tweeting like you never imagined!


1)We are STILL looking for individual who gave the Second Century Fund! You may have important information related to our lawsuit that is still pending.  We know many generously gave money to Mount Manresa expecting that it would be around for the next 100 years.  If you are one of these people, PLEASE CONTACT US.

2) Sign our new Petition – Eminent Domain for Mount Manresa.

3) Sign up for our next event – Doo Wop Show on March 1 at Colinade Diner. See site for details.


Email: Savemm2013@gmail.com
Website:  savemanresa.org
NEW Petition- Eminent Domain for Mount Manresa20140118_121000


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