Donate to our Kickstarter for our book – Mount Manresa: The Story

MOUNT MANRESA: The Story Book – Donate to our Kickstarter to make this a reality!
This book will be a beautiful collection of photos and stories of beloved Mount Manresa. Learn about the amazing grassroots efforts of the Committee to Save Mount Manresa and the power of Mount Manresa, which has continued to inspire the passion of these “ordinary” citizens.

See photos of the beloved Grotto, Water Tower, Sheally Hall, Founder’s Hall, and Mount Manresa’s old growth trees. Learn about the committee to Save Mount Manresa, and their efforts to save as a public park. From weekly rallies to efforts to landmark, letter writing campaigns to Pope Francis and Mayor Bloomberg and deBlasio, rezoning and more!

The amazing story in photos and writing of historic Mount Manresa and the community battle of to save it.

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