Boycott Victory Bank! Boycott Savo Brothers!


Join us Saturday, May 10  11am-1pm at
Victory State Bank at 1065 Bay Street in Rosebank.

Then, join the Commitee to Save Mount Manresa 
at the Staten Island Ferry – Saturday, May 10 from 6-8pm 
Help us hand out flyers and let everyone know what is going on with Overdevelopment on Staten Island.

Savo Brothers Builders  promised  “to ensure the [Mount Manresa] property is handled in the most respectful, sensitive and sensible way.” 

This is what respectful and sensitive Savo Brothers did:

To Mount Manresa’s hundred rare and historic native old growth trees…
(many between 200-400 years old)

To the cherished Historic 1860s Grotto (Shrine of the Sacred Heart) from the Meyer’s estate built with Iron Ore stones from Iron Hill (Todt Hill) and visited and prayed at by hundreds of thousands of people, a sacred place of solace and peace, especially after the Tragedy of Terrorist Attacks of 9/11 and Superstorm Sandy:

And the beautiful front entrance of Mount Manresa:

Watch the video on NBC NEWS showing how respectful Savo Brothers were to the community and Staten Island.

Did you know Bruno Savo is a Board Member of Victory State Bank? (Staten Island’s only community-based business bank)

Here’s his bio:  Mr. Savo has been a Director of VSB BanCorp. Inc. and its subsidiary, Victory State Bank since 2004. President, Savo Brothers, Inc. He has expertise in construction and real estate expertise and experience. He has extensive knowledge of all aspects of Staten Island real estate and numerous contacts among the Staten Island business community. Mr. Savo serves as the Chair of our Loan Committee. Mr. Savo’s community involvements include serving as a trustee or director of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, the Building Industry Association of New York City, the College of Staten Island Foundation and the Staten Island Council, Boy Scouts of America, among others.

Don’t do business with any business that is involved with Savo Brothers!

Join us Saturday, May 10  11am-1pm at
Victory State Bank at 1065 Bay Street in Rosebank.

Then, join the Commitee to Save Mount Manresa
at the Staten Island Ferry – Saturday, May 10 from 6-8pm 
Help us hand out flyers and let everyone know what is going on with Overdevelopment on Staten Island.

Our fight against overdevelopment of
Staten Island Grows Stronger every day!

We are fighting to Save Staten Island from Overdevelopment.  Watch our video from last week’s march to “Take Back Staten Island”.  Public Advocate Letitia James recommends an audit of Building Department!

For more information visit our website at

PLEASE keep writing letters to Staten Island Advance ( and our elected officials. 200 words or less, include name, address and phone number.  Every letter counts  Tell them you want to see Mount Manresa saved as a public park.

Staten Island Advance

Councilwoman Debi Rose
130 Stuyvesant Place 6th Floor, Room 602 Staten Island, New York 10301

Borough President Jim Oddo
 10 Richmond Terrace, Room 120 Borough Hall, Staten Island, NY 10301

Mayor de Blasio City Hall, NY, NY 10007

That the Savo brothers don’t care about their reputation is telling


    I treat my last name as something precious; something to be protected and kept honorable through my actions; no amount of cash is worth giving that away for.

    I cannot imagine how strong the thirst for cash, or how intense the level of greed one would need to have to dishonor your family name, ruin your reputation or not care that tens of thousands of people despise you.

    Such a burning single-minded quest for ever-greater wealth must be a powerful force indeed to not care that articles and letters in the Advance ensure the family will long be remembered for disreputable actions.

    At some point, an insatiable love of money must mean some people cannot stop themselves; they no longer can control their actions and cannot see what is important — truly important — in life.

    I think the behavior of the Savo brothers, and the price they are willing to pay for another zero or two in their already-healthy bank accounts indicates that their desire to profit has passed into the realm of a genuine illness.


How come no one has measured the real impact of townhouses?
I drew a sketch showing 15 acres of land with 250 townhouses, assuming that they will be your standard, attached, two-story houses with a parking pad and postage-stamp-size front or rear yard. The picture is not pretty.

The main access to Manresa is on narrow Fingerboard Road, which is already established. No fewer than 375 cars (assuming some homeowners will have more than one car) will be coming and going through Fingerboard Road, plus additional vehicles to service these homes. Traffic congestion will increase tremendously for everyone.

I have never been to Mount Manresa. I have read about the glacial hills on the property. Is the plan to level these hills? How will this impact on sewers and water runoff?

This plan would destroy the quality of life for all residents within at least a mile, and would certainly destroy their right for quiet enjoyment of their domain.

How did they get away without an Environmental Impact Study? The Savo Brothers are not the only ones who will make millions from this horror.

Loss of 400 trees on Manresa site will further erode our air quality By D.A. COGNATA  ARROCHAR 
The Centers for Disease Control has announced that Air Quality Awareness Week is April 28-May 2.
     At a recent Iron Hills Civic Association meeting, James Oddo addressed the issue of an “alarming increase” in respiratory illnesses on Staten Island. Mr. Oddo noted that in order to “get health care costs under control, Staten Islanders need to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

But please take note that in addition to adapting better eating habits and exercising, the environment is equally important. According to the CDC, asthma is listed as a serious environmental issue affecting both young and old.     The ongoing destruction of old-growth trees throughout 15.4 acres at Mount Manresa directly adjacent to the Verrazano toll plaza, coupled with the constant congestion on the Staten Island Expressway, has just added to our respiratory woes.

Prevention is crucial and is not accomplished nor controlled by administering more and more medication. We, the residents who breathe this air, rely on our elected officials to maintain quality-o-life issues for us. Case in point: Mount Manresa.     Once again, we implore you to address the rationale for not performing an environmental impact study on this property. We await answers as the destruction continues.

Savo Brothers should beware the revenge of the Manresa site
I normally am a very spiritual person. I attended The Academy of St. Dorothy as a child and in the seventh grade, I attended a retreat. My daughter, Ava-Marie, has also attended retreats there when she attended St. John Villa Academy.

As a child, [Mount Manresa] was a magical place. I am a sensitive by nature and I always had a serene feeling when there. I attributed these feelings to nature at it’s best. The beautiful trees held magical stories of days gone past. Of people who lived there and respected the land. Of the many people who felt solace among the kindness they experienced from the Jesuits.

The Savo Brothers, of course, do not value these magical trees and their wisdom and knowledge. But should they continue to murder the trees and the rest of the land, they will feel its wrath. The land will rebel and nature will attack as it has every right to.

The land will lash out and will be uninhabitable to all if they continue. This is a direct warning not to be taken lightly.

If this property is desecrated and used for greed and personal gain, a lot of people will suffer the unimaginable.

Could a wealthy buyer save Mount Manresa?

Each week, I look forward to viewing the “Our Changing Island” article in the Advance. I am not anticipating the horrid realization that someday (tragically, perhaps sooner than later) I will be gazing at the
“Those Days” vs. “These Days” depicting the aftermath of the dismantling of Mount Manresa.

I know I am late to the dance, but, have all the resources for salvation been explored? I understand that pleas to the Jesuit Order have been fruitless — despite the glorious history and tradition of heroic Jesuit martyrs and saints. Their fearless and tireless efforts to spread the Good News and defend the church was the foundation for the order. I am certain that the good and spiritually strong men and leaders in the order today are equally prepared to carry the Catholic banner as high as, for example, the six priests martyred in El Salvador 25 years ago. The order’s decision to sell Mount Manresa must have been heart-wrenching and perhaps made out of desperation — solely basely on finances.

I cannot help but believe that some responsible and caring individual from our business community (understandingly, I am probably looking at an “extremely” successful individual) can identify a means to utilize the Mount Manresa property in a more community-friendly manner than is currently being undertaken. I look at generous and conscientious people such as Mike Bloomberg and Don Imus who both have evidenced a strong willingness to use their resources for the betterment of their causes while serving the community as a whole.

For instance, I think the conversion of even a small part of the Mount Manresa grounds as a dedicated park to the “Imas Ranch” would serve as both a lasting memory of the kids’ heroics in battling cancer as well as stand as a tribute and reminder of Mr. Imas’s ongoing concern for continuation of is noble struggle to keep the ranch viable. Perhaps a “Bloomberg Botanical Garden” on a portion of the site could become a destination to be enjoyed and toured by nature enthusiasts and all New Yorkers alike.

Update on this past Saturday’s March Against Overdevelopmen

Our first march this past weekend was a success. The purpose of the rally was to bring attention to the issue of overdevelopment at Mount Manresa and Staten Island-wide.Over 70 people were present, including NY Public Advocate Letitia James, The Teamsters Union Local 228, New York Nurses Association, Protectors of Pine Oak Woods, and Occupy Sandy.

The chants included: “We are choking to death, Oddo save Staten Island’s Breath.”  and “Savo cut all the Trees, stop the Madness we need to breathe.”

Savo Brother’s plan for Mount Manresa is unacceptable.  We will continue to call our elected officials to protect the community and our best interests, including health, traffic, emergency services, flooding and quality of life.

The Committee is calling for an investigation of the details of  Mount Manresa and other large property deals on Staten Island.

Residents are asked to continue to write Mayor de Blasio at City Hall, NY, NY 10007, as well as Borough President Oddo, and Councilwoman Debi Rose.

Other public officials to write:
Honorable Adena Long
Commissioner of Parks – Staten Island
1150 Clove Road, Staten Island, NY 10301
Liam Kavanagh
First Deputy Commissioner of Parks
The Arsenal Central Park NY NY 10021
Public Advocate Letitia James
Office of the New York City Public Advocate 1 Centre Street, 15th Floor,
New York, NY 10007
(212) 669-7200
City Council Leader
Melissa Mark-Viverito
105 East 116th Street
New York, NY 10029
Borough President Oddo
Council Member Rose (Mount Manresa’s District)
Staten Island Advance

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224
(518) 474-8390
State Senator Senator Savino
(718) 727-9406
Assemblywoman Malliotakis
State Senator Lanza
(718) 984-4073
Assemblyman Cusick
Assemblyman Borelli
Council Member Matteo
Council Minority Ignizio
Assembly Member Titone
Thank you for supporting the Committee To Save Mount Manresa


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