May 3 – 11am March to Take Back Staten Island – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


Join us on Saturday May 3, 2014 at 11am
March to take Back Staten Island – Stop Overdevelopment
March starts at Von Briesen Park (Bay Street and School Road) and Ends at Mount Manresa.

This march is a call to all Staten Islanders to stand up and say “NO” to overdevelopment, at Mount Manresa and ALL OVER STATEN ISLAND. We must protect ourselves- flooding, pollution, traffic and quality at life and character of our Staten Island neighborhoods are all serious and real consequences of inaction.  We need all of Staten Island, every civic association, every community group, EVERYONE to come out and support.  We cannot do this alone!

We must stop the impact on our Island that is causing the unbearable traffic, over capacity in our schools and hospitals, the overburdened sewer systems,and emergency services. We must continue to push our electeds to protect us all.   Please march with us from Von Briesen Park to Mount Manresa. Saturday May 3 at 11am.

Bring signs, noise makers, banners, photos, bring yourself, BRING YOUR FAMILY!   Tell your neighbors, tell your friends.   We need to be loud!  We need to be active!  We need to STOP the destruction of our Island!  We need YOU!  

If you can’t come to this event, you can still help.  Share this email with your neighbors, write letters to Mayor de Blasio at City Hall, NY, NY 10007 and continue to write letters to the Staten Island Advance at

Read Sunday’s New York Times article on Mount Manresa by Lisa Foderaro:  
Trying to Save a Quiet Place on Staten Island
Despite demonstrations and a plea to Pope Francis, Mount Manresa, a retreat center for prayer and meditation since 1911, was sold to Savo Brothers, which plans to build 250 townhouses on the site….more


Watch the Video of the Savo’s destruction of Mount Manresa on NBC: 

To understand what is really going on here, PLEASE Watch the video featured on NBC of Savo Brothers ruthlessly massacring  Mount Manresa’s entire old Growth Forest.

Read about the recent discussionMount Manresa at the Iron Hills Civic Association Meeting:

Staten Island borough president rips Jesuits and Savo Brothers for Manresa deal
The Jesuits and the Savo Brothers did Staten Island dirty, Borough President James Oddo charged at a meeting of the Iron Hills Civic Association Wednesday night. More

 Please continue to keep the pressure on our electeds:
especially Mayor de Blasio City Hall, NY NY 10007 and write to the Staten ISland Advance  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT

Mount Manresa should be a park and community center for the public.  Its history as the 1st Laymen’s Retreat in America and a sanctuary for many especially during and after Sept 11 tragedy as well as Sandy Recovery are too important to give up on.  Unstopped, ruthless builders like the Savo Brothers will choke our Staten Island with traffic and flooding and overburden our schools and sewers, hospitals and emergency services and with their plans.  We must continue to push our electeds to protect us all.  We can’t give up. 

Thank you for supporting the Committee To Save Mount Manresa


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